Saturday, 28 January 2012

Got my eye on you #2

So as well as clothes I've been really getting into jewellery. I've never been a massive fan because I like simple but I really love some of these :) 

I've really been wanting a lot of earrings lately too. I hope to get my ears pierced again so I can start stretching one side, yay! My boyfriend thinks it'll be disgusting but I think it'll be nice :)

I'm just going to put these in here too because there's no point doing it separately really. I've always always wanted a really nice hat that'd suit me and that's practical and one that goes with most things so I spotted these two bad boys..

Unfortunately I cannot remember exactly where everything is from because I went internet shopping crazy and forgot to save it, oopsie! 
I know that they're all from either Topshop, Urban Outfitter or River Island though :)



  1. I love the first hat, stretching your ear would look great x

  2. Omg we have the same name!!!! Being a Megan rocks!!!!

    Errrmm anyway you're probably thinking I'm a freak but I love all this jewellery , I need some more! Your blog is fab by the way xxxx

  3. I really love those black triangle earrings! In fact I love it all xx

  4. Lovely blog.

  5. I love the necklaces, all things that I would wear myself! You should check out this shop if you like that kind of thing :)

    Oh and would be nice if you checked out my blog too, recently started it again :)

    yours, Elizabeth.

  6. We love this! You have such great taste! The hats are to die for!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.

  7. Really nice post, Just gave you the versatile award:
    Please check for more details! X

  8. I have the black hat, I wear it all the time!! also some lovely items above, love a good stud xx

  9. i am loving cross and stud jewllery it is amazing :) cute postx xx

  10. beautiful (: