Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Yes, of course I was going to do a post about shoes. How could I not!? I know it's been a while but I have spied these and I loveee them :). We have a ceilidh coming up soon-ish and I seriously want these massive glitter balls for my feet. Don't know what dress I should get for the ceilidh though hmmm..

How could you not love them?
Topshop for the glitter.

I saw these heels in Urban Outfitters and I think they are gorgeous! I love that they're wedges, but don't look exactly like wedges, I'm amused..

My brother and I went shopping and I made him buy these, I wouldn't shut up till he bought them. I was so amused, I sat pretending to type on them haha. I realise that it's on the bottom of the sole so you don't really see them but it's fun or about two weeks (or two days in my brothers case) then they get manky! 

I just wanted to show you these because I love them.