Monday, 23 January 2012


I went to my friends party at the weekend which was so much fun! I picked this lovely outfit to wear. The black "top" is actually a dress I just folded it up a bit so you couldn't see it under the skirt.

The yellow thing on my arm is a mr men plaster because I cut my arm :( I tried to hide it though haha.

dress- New Look
Skirt- H&M
socks- Tesco

I love this skirt, it's so floaty and comfy and practical and just pretty. 
The eye liner I borrowed from my friend Melissa (who's blog you can visit here). It was a gel one, I've never used it before but I loved it, it lasted for ages.
Feel like the pictures are crappy quality, sorry!



  1. this skirt is so so cute! your hair looks lovely too :) xx

  2. Ooh I have that skirt in the black version. I love it! Also can I just say how envious of your hair I am too xx

    1. I wanted the black! Haha thanks, it's all natural apart from the dip dye :p x

  3. I've awarded you the cute blog award :) xx

  4. Cute outfit!

    If you follow my blog and comment saying you did, I'll follow yours back!


  5. pretty outfit!
    really nice blog!
    maybe we could follow each other!

  6. that skirt is so adorable! and you look so lovely :)