Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Got my eye on you #3

As well as all of those many other things I have been wanting some new bags. I stick to the back three bags for everything- maybe it's about time I actually buy something new? Hmmm.
I really like the colour of the purple and blue, they're so pretty and vibrant.

Again, I can't even remember where I was looking at these. I'm pretty sure they were topshop, new look, forever21 and H&M though. I'm so hopeless these days. Sorreh!
It's really annoying me that the pictures aren't in line either. I love symmetry. I can't deny it :)



  1. I love that blue bag! It's such a gorgeous colour and shape. xx

  2. stunning bags!

  3. I love the brown bag it looks very vintage:)