Monday, 9 January 2012

My Christmas present.

Firstly, I'm sorry this is so late but I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! I certainly did. I got so much stuff from my lovely mother, boyfriend and friends. Boxing day however was just something else.. I can no longer say I've never seen my nana drunk.
If you look back a bit on my blog you'll see that I mentioned my love for the beautiful YSL ring. I GOT IT FOR CHRISTMAS! So happy. I love my boyfriend. He's so thoughtful.
I'm wearing a cardi I got for Christmas too and it's the most cosy thing I own. It's amazing.
P.S. I promise I'll get more organised with my posts. It'll most likely only annoy me that I'm posting about Christmas this late, but oh well.



  1. I love your YSL ring, that's so nice of your boyfriend x

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