Thursday, 16 February 2012

My birthday.

Hey! Hope everyone is well :) I'm sorry I've neglected this even though I've said about a million times that I'll post something. Just now I'm meant to be typing some stuff up for my photography homework so I figured I could spare a lil' while for you beautiful people.
 I got lots of presents which I love :D I got a radio/CD player/ iPod docking thingy too which has amazing sound but I didn't take a picture.




Those are the earrings I posted on my blog which my friend got me tehe. Plus she got me a signed Emeli Sande CD saying happy birthday, how lovely of her<3
The necklace and matching earrings were from my little brothers friend, he's adorableee!
And yes, one of my friends got me condoms for my birthday, how nice.
OMG, and those ferrero roche eggs are AMAZING!
I just love everything I got but some things I wanted to quickly tell you about.

These are just some pictures we took that I couldn't stop laughing at..

My boyfriend and me, I know I'm weird hah!

My brother and I, lmao. Just lmao!

I had such a good day. My cake was delicious, my presents are amazing and I had so much fun :) I'm sorry that the quality isn't the best but I took all the pictures on my iPod.



  1. love that fleecy bag :)

  2. Wow, great shots! I love the ring with the M on it and the pic of you and your boyfriend is super cute, you both look adorable together ;) Your blog is lovely, keep going! Check out mine and follow me if you like, maybe you get inspired ;) xo from NYC

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Love your blog, your pictures are amazing :) x

  3. Happy birthday dear:)
    lovely blog!

  4. Looks like an amazing birthday! I especially love the blue bag you got! Too cute!


  5. love the shoes! happy late birthday >.< followed youu~ x

    My Blog ~ xLittleBells

  6. You got some amazing presents! :D The hats are my favee :) <3

  7. beautiful items (:


  8. Is that signed by Emeli Sandes :O I'm so, so jealous of you right now I LOVE HER. Hope you have a good birthday

    Daisie xx

  9. you got some amazing things :) hope you had anamazing birthday xx