Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I'm back!

Heeeey lovely bloggers! 
Omg it has been soo long and I'm sorry but after my birthday I had prelims and got all stressed, now I'm on study leave for exams and 10x more stressed. I had my math exam yesterday and OMG, I felt like crying. Anyway, it is a beautiful day today and I give up studying so here's a lil' OOTD that I wore for one of my exams :D


I actually have no idea where any of this stuff is from because it's all so old.

The shorts I made myself, kinda. I found a pair of old jeans I was going to throw out but decided to cut them up. I ordered studs off of ebay and boom, a brand new pair of shorts before your eyes! 

Again, I'm sorry that the pictures aren't that great but my camera decided to die and I couldn't find the charger.

I will post more frequently over the next week but after that I'm going on holiday. I'll take pictures there anyway and come back to show you all!



  1. bold and fun ideas for this season.

  2. Love the cool shirt and the studded shorts! You look absolutely dazzling! Thanks for your lovely comment! xoxo from NYC

    1. Thank you! That's lovely of you. No problem, I love your blog :)x