Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Almost leaving!

Today we received our leavers hoodies in school! I don't think I can explain how much I want school to be done by now. It's been too long. I can't wait to get some independence and a lil' freedom. I've not really got any certain plans yet. I'd like to get a job in fashion retail first before I even think about uni or college. Besides, I'd only be 17 and going to uni- that is a nono.
It looks like such a yukky horrible colour in this picture but it's really nice bottle green. It's super comfy too!

Since it's almost the end of my 6th year, prom is coming up too! I've spied a couple of dresses but if anyone knows of any good sites or shops I could visit for a dress I'd really appreciate it if you commented :D



  1. aww we never got a leaver's hoodies :( cute picture <3 x

  2. Lovely post!

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  3. Blimey, this post makes me feel a bit old - I got my Leavers hoodie in 2010, lol.

  4. Oh wow, I still remember when I was all excited picking the colour for my leaver's hoodie last year haha. I would try TK Maxx for a Prom dress, pretty affordable if you're never gonna wear it again. If not, try Coast :)

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