Sunday, 27 May 2012


Hello again! I hope you're all well and tanned. I am past tanned, you could seriously fry an egg on me, so much pain but it'll be worth it I hope. I tried to go out and study in my garden but it turned into sunbathing and talking on twitter for the entire day. After my dinner I did go a walk though, it was so nice and peaceful so I thought I'd take some pictures for you, wish everyday could be like today! How has everyone's day been in the glorious sunshine?
The sun glasses are finally out, ohhh yeah!

I love summer!!!

Top & skirt - TopShop
Glasses - H&M

The skirt looks much nicer in person, I swear. Well, it better, it cost me £28!
I got the top a while ago and this is the first time I've worn it. I thought it was really cute, love the zip.
Told you, I'm properly burnt :(


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  1. I really love your skirt! I hope your sunburn starts to feel better soon and turn into a tan! xx