Sunday, 25 September 2011

Almost winter time!

Although the weather hasn't been too cold yet I've still been on a hunt for a great warm winter coat as last year i was a human icicle! I've tried looking for one that's sort of cheap- under £100 anyway because I really want doc martins to tackle the snow in but there quite expensive too. Anyway, there's been a couple I've tried on and saw online that are beautiful!

This coat is from Topshop, I really loved this one because of the belt. Sometimes you get really nice coats then the belt ruins it with where it's placed. The colour of it too looks like it'd keep you extra warm. The only thing I would add to this is a hood because you can never get a nice coat with a hood.

This coat is georgous! I love that it's not an overly furry collar but just enough to keep you cosy when it's snowing. Again, I only have one fault with this coat- I really wish I could find it in a different colour. Brown doesn't really go with my hair, I haven't tried this on yet. I think the fur might seperate the brown from my hair but I'm not too sure.

I've tried this on in Miss Selfridge and it has to be the warmest coat ever! I was already roasting because I walk so quickly and get lost in clothes shops but this coat would be perfect for winter. I'm so picky, I should really just make my own clothes, but I just wish this didn't have the patches on it because it's already a beautiul coat and would be flawless if it just didn't have the patches. 

I'm getting really excited about winter even though I'm such a scrooge. I just can't wait to go shopping for some nice warm wooly clothes and having hot chocolate in Starbucks when all the crimbo lights are up. Everyone looks happier in the snow! I'm getting far too ahead of myself, it's only September..



  1. I kind of can't wait for winter either- preferably the cold crisp sunny days, not the damp wet ones! I love the second coat! Topshop have it in darker colours I think, I'd buy it if I had some spare cash! :p xx

  2. I know! really not looking forward to the 2 foot deep snow! Aw thanks, I'll have to go have a look because I seriously love it but it just doesn't suit me :( xx